Caro SRT609..

.. che tu hai messo questa cosa su YouTube

un so chi tu sei ma comunque tu sei un grande :-)



  1. Stefany scrive:

    Well… I’m very happy to hear that you’ve given it a go! Really!What Mila has done it’s absolutely nrmaol. The big thing of BLW is getting to now the “materials”, the consistence of food, its smell… and become friend with it :) It will take time until she manages to put something in her mouth, then proceeds the idea that that thing has a taste. Later in the months she will undestand that that stuff actually fills her stomach as well! It’s just a matter of waiting and enjoying with her all her new discoveries.You might have read J.Rapley’s book, but even you haven’t I can confidently assure you that there is NO harm whatsoever in using salt as long as it is a moderate use. JR is very strict on that, but there is no need to be so.And my biggest advice is to include your baby at your dining table. Don’t lat her eat by herself: eating has a strong social significance and she needs you as an example to follow.(Sorry Adele, I probably sound a bit patronizing, but I believe in BLW - more in the Italian way that is slightly different, I have to say - so much that I even set up the Italian website!)Wish you lots of fun meals with Mila!

  2. Nelli scrive:

    Hi there,I’ve had to start BLW as my baby simply reuefss to be spoon fed (literally turns his head away when a spoonful of puree comes his way I did try to continue with it though for about 7 weeks until I concluded he wasn’t going to give up and just wanted to try things on his own). I’ve read the book and was really happy to see that when I put food in front of him he goes to put it straight into his mouth and actually looks like he’s enjoying his time in his highchair but he’s 8 months old next week, and I think he’s still playing with the food mostly. Do you know when most babies start to swallow’ the food purposefully? (We started with BLW almost 4 weeks ago). The main reason I ask is because he used to be a great sleeper but now wakes in the night for food and I’m worried that it’s because he’s not getting enough solids in the day. I’m not sure how I get around this either, as he won’t take foods any other way?Thanks

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