1. Tharindu scrive:

    I’m glad you like the work of the Photodiarist, she’s great!@Zarna: Not at all, it was a real pleasure for me both to (try to) make a poiratrt of you and to talk about you! Sometimes when I really like something I feel the need to talk about it and show it to everyone and since I already talked about you with my friends (one of them, who works for an important fashion e-shop like yoox, knew your blog already) I just needed to talk about you on my blog! :pa big big kiss!

  2. Fabio scrive:

    mispapelicos wrote.. I think very much like you. I dress for myself first and to ieirspnd others as well. I am not an evening person either, but one can be very impresive in the mornings too, canb4t we??I started my blog on the 7th of March, mainly for fun and because I was quite fed up of boring blogs about latest trends. It has been most enriching as well as a great suprise for me.I like to create my own look not necesarilly expending a lot of money.I will keep an eye open for your perfume.I know you are a goddess, but I would love you to visit me anytime.Un abrazo from the Andaluceda- South Spain.

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