Siamo una squadra fortissimi!

I tre minuti più belli…

… le tre parole più belle.



  1. Dhiel scrive:

    Review by for The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads-to-Be, Second Edition Rating: The author has the idea that the soneor dads get involved in being parents the better they’ll be and that the best time to get involved is during pregnancy. I know this is true for me. I know it sounds funny but I felt like I was a real participant in the pregnancy. Yeah, my wife was carrying the baby but I was going through a lot of psychological stuff too and this is the only book out there that dealt with what my issues at all. I read this book twice the first time when my wife and I were expecting our son and then again during the months before the daughter we’d adopted from Korea arrive. Both times I was amazed at how calming and educational and really funny this book was. I’d never been a dad before. Never even held a baby before my wife got pregnant and I wasn’t too sure about what to do. Of course it’s all pretty natural, but this book really made me realize that all the worries I was having were normal and it gave me lots of great ideas of ways to be more involved in the process. It also got me thinking about the kind of father I wanted to be and whether I wanted to be the kind of dad my dad was or some other kind.Being a father is really important for me and this book has made me a much better dad. I’ve been reading the next books in the series and they’re just as reassuring and helpful. Thanks, Mr. Brott!PS I’ve caught my wife looking through the book and she’s told me that it helped her understand me a lot better and made her see how important it is to me to be a good parent.

  2. Nanani scrive:

    Awwww Shannon, these are great! Looks like one big happy family, inicudlng Dog! My Fav is the last one, mom and Son, I hope you can capture that special something between Elyse and I someday as you have here!!!! Gorgeous Family .you should have more babies!

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