la sposa poetica

…Trova il tempo di giocare
Trova il tempo di amare
ed essere amato
Trova il tempo di dare

Madre Teresa di Calcutta



  1. Erick scrive:

    Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your time sonitohg photos! I am doing a 365 day blog which requires one photo a day. I have noticed that, as time goes on, my photos are getting better and better. Hope you love seeing your growth as you start this wonderful journey!

  2. Miguel scrive:

    Happy New Year Calpernia: Thanks so much for your recent diary enertis and for giving us another peek into your life. Specifically, I appreciate your willingness to edify us with enertis like the bitter/sweet section of Ending 2007 That, coupled with the interview on Transponder (which I just listened to and thoroughly enjoyed) reminds us of your many facets. From your poetic musings on being home to a love of Lovecraft; you are such a catch. Regarding the question Transponder posed about Deep Stealth producing educational versus entertaining content; personally, I would love to see Deep Stealth produce both. I do believe education and edification are important but I would also like to see it as a venue for showcasing the full range of your acting abilities with trans and non-trans roles and subject matter.Continue success and good luck in the New Year.Damien

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