1. Gabriel scrive:

    BLW is a really fun way to inturdoce solids, and also extremely easy! there is almost always something the little one can eat from the regular dinner the rest of the family eats. my daughter looooved spaghetti and whipped cream from start (and still does), and hated banana for a long time. my firstborn son was inturdoced to pure9es, but she refused anything that had any similarity to pure9ed food. he, on the other hand, loved broccoli pure9e, and he is still a big eater on the vegetable side.all babys are very different, but they do have one thing in common: they all think food is a fun toy :) it might take a bit longer than with the traditional introducing (dd not big on eating solids until she was about a year old) but it is fun. enjoy exploring it!

  2. Ronnie scrive:

    Thanks for fіnally writing aƄout > HO PERSO LE PAROLE

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